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Wood Restoration Tips - Log Home Restoration Articles
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Log Home & Wood Restoration Tips / News

At TaskMasters, we strive to be a resource to homeowners in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. We add new articles every month to ensure that you all the resources you need before you ever decide to begin a wood restoration project. Be sure to check back every month for the new articles/tips!

4 Reasons To Soft Wash Your Home's Roof

As homeowners, roof cleaning isn't always something that is at the forefront of our minds, but it is an essential part of home maintenance in order to keep your home healthy and looking its best. In this article, our team of North Carolina pressure washing experts at Taskmasters Wood Maintenance will go over several of the most important reasons to invest in a professional soft wash roof cleaning for your home's roof. … Read More

Important Dock Cleaning and Care Tips For North Carolina Homeowners

Boat docks are very common in North Carolina since so many homeowners have waterfront properties they want to enjoy to the fullest. Along with access to the water and the fun they can provide a North Carolina family, comes the responsibility of handling the dock cleaning and care in order to keep the structures sturdy, safe, and sound … Read More

Log Home Maintenance Tips For Summer

Your beloved log home will last for what seems like forever, but making sure the maintenance gets done this summer will help you to avoid problems like UV ray damage, insects, and water damage. While some maintenance tasks are better left to a log home maintenance professional, there are plenty of things you can do yourself to preserve and protect the wood exterior … Read More

How to Keep Your Log Home in Good Shape

Without proper maintenance, your Murphy log home can become susceptible to weather damage, rot, pests, and premature aging. Log home owners will likely want to invest in log home restorations eventually, but keeping your log home in good condition will limit your need for log home restoration services from an experienced contractor … Read More

Learning About Winter Maintenance For Your Dock

Being a North Carolina homeowner with property that houses a dock, means taking extra measures to care for it. The better care you invest, the better return that you get. Addressing the need for servicing your dock will help you to get the peak performance and optimal longevity that you want, need and deserve … Read More

How You Can Benefit From Professional Residential Pressure Cleaning

Being a North Carolina homeowner comes with great responsibility. It means keeping a running to-do task list and always checking off the jobs as they get done. Cleaning the exterior is one of those projects that tends to get put off, usually only because the average homeowner isn't sure how to address it. The best solution is to hire a local professional for pressure cleaning in North Carolina … Read More

Understanding the Benefits of Log Home Restoration in North Carolina

Your North Caroline home is your castle, even if it is a log cabin. A home is a person's biggest investment and most valuable asset, so you want to be able to protect it. Investing the time and effort into log home restoration in North Carolina will help to ensure that you get the performance and longevity that you should be able to … Read More

Why Soft Wash Roof Cleaning is the Better Alternative

There are still too many self-proclaimed industry experts around North Carolina who rely on pressure washing when it comes to roof cleaning services. While it is important to take care of your home, including exterior cleaning, this task should be carried out a in manner that does not have the potential to cause damage … Read More

Consider This When Sealing a Newly Constructed Log Home

Newly constructed log homes are usually stained and sealed as soon as the "dry in" is completed or shortly thereafter. Read More

Deck Restoration and Deck Cleaning

Any unprotected piece of wood left in the outdoors will show signs of deterioration within a year or so. It's in Nature's character to bear down on materials that have become inanimate -- and that includes pieces of lumber forming your deck or fence. Read More

Conducting a Background Check on a Contractor

Conducting a background check on a contractor is a smart and savvy move for any homeowner to make before undertaking a wood restoration project.  For many people, taking on wood restoration tasks is a wonderful way to update and rejuvenate the exterior of their homes. Read More

Finding the Right Contractor

Finding the right contractor for your home improvement is probably the single most important part of wood restoration.  Not only do you need to find a reliable professional who stands behind his or her work, but you need to find the right contractor … Read More

Log Home Restoration: Things I Know From Experience (I Live In One)

Log home maintenance is a vital part of the overall log home experience. Enjoying the beauty of the rustic setting is very satisfying, but to neglect or postpone regular maintenance could turn rustic into ruin. Read More

What You Should Know Before Staining

For those of us that enjoy living in a log home, it's not only the true American dream but, there is something fulfilling about waking up with the natural smell of the wood. The massive logs and beams give a sense of safety and security. Read More

Preserving Your Log Home: Understanding Borate Treatments

There are many aspects to Log Home Restoration. Stains, sealers, caulking and chinking are all related to the preservation of your log home. Stains and sealers cover the surface of the logs and other wood to form a barrier from the harsh elements of rain, wind … Read More

Log Home Restoration: Is Your New Log Home Stain Looking Old

If you have recently built or bought a new log home, then you know the joy and excitement of finally stepping back in time to the rustic feel and the slower paced lifestyle that a log home offers. You may have even said, "this is the life"! … Read More

Log Home Restoration: Defining Proper Stripping Techniques

If you have owned a log home for any length of time, I think it would be safe to say that you could conclude, log homes are fairly high maintenance. If you are thinking of buying a log home or just purchased one, you may be in for a surprise. Not necessarily a bad surprise, maybe more like an awakening. … Read More

How to Keep Your Log Home Beautiful

If you have owned your log home any length of time, then you have probably already had to deal with maintenance issues. If you are considering buying a log home, understanding maintenance requirements and procedures can not only help in the buying process, but also help in understanding what is involved in the .. … Read More

Understanding Stripping and Cleaning Chemicals

Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Percarbonate and Sodium Hypochlorite are the three main cleaning agents used in deck and log home restoration. Each chemical has its place in the cleaning process, however, knowing when and how to use each .. … Read More

Log Home Restoration: Why Clear Sealers Should Not Be Used

I have found through the years what seems to be a common thread among most newly constructed log homes, and log home owners who seek truthful answers concerning their log home restoration .. … Read More

Roof Cleaning: Nothing But The Facts Please (Part One)

Roof cleaning is becoming more and more popular especially in the Southeastern United States because of an airborne algae called “Gloeocapsa Magma”. It is identified by the black streaks and stains that are mainly found on the north facing side of the roof, but does spread to the entire roof eventually. Read More

Roof Cleaning: Nothing But The Facts Please (Part Two)

There are generally two ways to remove Gloeocapsa Magma. Either with Sodium Hypochlorite or Sodium Hydroxide. This is where the debate begins. Some contractors use one and some use the other. So what is the difference and which is the best? Here are the facts. Read More

Log Home restoration: To Caulk or Not to Caulk

In the log home industry, like all industries, the implementation of techniques, products and procedures vary from company to company. From concept to design to actual construction, each log home will have its own set of variables and unique challenges. Read More

Log Home Restoration: Two Of The Most Asked Questions from New Log Home Owners

The following log home restoration questions are two of the most often asked by new log home owners. By new I mean, new to them and may or may not be a newly constructed log home. Oftentimes the owner or future owner knows very little about a log home except they love the look, they want one and what they have read in a log home magazine. Read More

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