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How to Keep Your Log Home in Good Shape

log home maintenance MurphyWithout proper maintenance, your Murphy log home can become susceptible to weather damage, rot, pests, and premature aging. Log home owners will likely want to invest in log home restorations eventually, but keeping your log home in good condition will limit your need for log home restoration services from an experienced contractor.

Log Home Maintenance Tips

  • Inspect Your Log Home – Examining your log home at least twice a year is important. By inspecting your log home regularly, you'll notice areas of concern before they become severe. Check your log home's exterior for cracking and water damage, mold and mildew, wood rot, and separating sealant. Additionally, you should examine the ground around the log home's foundation to ensure that the slope is sufficient for proper drainage.
  • Use UV-Resistant Stains – Your log home restoration contractor can apply a stain that protects against sun damage, prolonging the life span of your log home.
  • Clear Away Landscaping – Keep mulch and ground cover at least 2 feet away from your log home to prevent excess moisture, insect damage, and mold. You should also make sure that tree limbs don't hang over the roof to avoid the accumulation of leaves and branches.
  • Install Overhangs – Attaching large overhangs that are 2 to 3 feet in depth helps preserve log homes. Eaves installed by a log home restoration contractor protect your log home from UV rays and moisture.
  • Check the Preservative – To ensure that your wood preservative is functioning properly, spray water onto the exterior logs with a water bottle or hose. The preservative is still good if the water beads up, but if dark, wet patches form, then the logs are absorbing the water. Apply another coat of preservative if the wood is soaking up water.

If you require assistance with your Murphy log home maintenance, don't hesitate to contact a reputable log home restoration company like Taskmasters Wood Maintenance.

If you are looking for a log home maintenance specialist in Murphy, please call 252-266-9457 or complete our online request form.

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