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Petersburg Log Home Restoration

log home restoration PetersburgUsing Media Blasting for Petersburg log home restoration does an excellent job of removing whatever is on the logs, however it is really best suited for the harder to remove water based and latex stains and paints. Chemical stripping on the other hand is best suited for oil based stains which is 75% of what is used on log homes in Petersburg.

Media Blasting has it's advantages for log home restoration. The biggest being that it is a dry process. When the finish or coating is removed, the stain can be applied immediately. There is no waiting for the logs to dry as with chemical stripping, and no water to contend with inside the home from leaks. Also, the used media can be gathered up, sifted and reused. Once spent, it can be bagged and disposed of or, being biodegradable, it can be spread out and used as a soil amendment.

Petersburg, VA

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