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Midlothian Wood Restoration

log home restoration MidlothianWhen is the right time to seal wood in Midlothian? Some professionals say that wood should be sealed after a year so that the wood is completely dry. However, a year is too long a time to wait to seal wood. During this time, the wood will incur too much damage, most of which cannot be reversed. Midlothian wood decks can be completely dry and ready for sealing in two or three months. It has been found that wood that has been sealed within three months is much more dirable and look better than wood that has been sealed after one year. You can easily tell if the wood is ready for sealing. Midlothian professionals will use an electric moisture meter to determine if the wood can be sealed. However, a simpler method is to sprinkle drops of water on the surface of the wood. If the water is absorbs quickly, then it means that the wood is dry enough and is ready for sealing.

Midlothian, VA

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