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Lake Gaston Pressure Washing And Wood Restoration Contractor

log home restoration Lake GastonAny unprotected piece of wood left in the Lake Gaston outdoors will show signs of deterioration within a year or so. It's in Nature's character to bear down on materials that have become inanimate -- and that includes pieces of lumber forming your deck or fence. In this case, sunlight and rain are her main tools. Wood exposed to sunlight out in the open turns weak and gray as the rays of the sun ruptures its internal fibers. A similar breakdown takes place when rain water soaks wood and makes it swell. The result is sponginess. Morning dew and afternoon sun then set a daily wood swell-shrink cycle in motion, hastening the deterioration process. Grayed surface, deformation, splitting, and loosened nails are telltale signs of wood trouble for which the elements are responsible.

The Need To Treat Wood

Lake Gaston Wood, even if it has been pressure-treated, must still be cleaned and sealed to prolong its life. Decks and fences made of pressure-treated wood still require regular cleaning and sealing to ensure that they stay in good condition. While decks and fences made of pressurized wood, cedar, cypress and other exotic woods are safe from insect infestation, but they are not invulnerable to weather's corrosive effects. Wood that does not have protective coating can pose a danger in just seven years.

Power washing Wood In Lake Gaston

One Lake Gaston Deck Cleaning option is to blast the wood with high-pressure water, with or without cleansers mixed in. Pressure washing does remove the gray from the wood, but can also damage its surface easily. A lot of water is needed for this technique, and it's important to apply the right amount of pressure and have the right kind of cleaning solution. Do-it-yourselfers must guard against applying too much pressure. Pressure washing apparatus rented out to homeowners are usually designed to spew out water at 1750 to 3500 pounds per square inch (psi), which is fine for cleaning concrete and peeling off old paint. However, these pressure washers are way too forceful for wood. The ideal amount of pressure is between 500 and 800 psi. It is at this pressure level that experienced contractors work on wood using the specially adjusted wands of their pressure washers. See Lake Gaston pressure washing for more information. One more word of caution: Do not use a hot-water pressure washer on wood, as this will deface the wood by raising its grain sharply.

Lake Gaston, NC

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